Twin Tiers Anglers. Fishing. Redefined.

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Twin Tiers Anglers – Fishing. Redefined.

Twin Tiers Anglers is a collective of the most aggressive anglers found along the hinterlands of Northern Pennsylvania and Southern New York.  We are all intertwined by a common passion and fabric of the soul.  Our diverse crew of non conformists all share a similar vision and bring a fresh “Generation Next” set of ideals and hardcore ideology to the sport.  Our grass roots mission is to pioneer a new era of highly tactical, highly methodical, and highly intuitive approach to cutting edge fishing techniques. 

From rivers, streams, to lakes, ponds, and backwater trickles…   we fish for what swims within.  Species make no difference here.  We love the bass, salmon, steehead, trout, pike, muskie, suckers, fallfish, and the chubs.  Oh hell yeah, we love fishing for chubs.  Cuz let’s face it… chubs need love too!

 LEFT:  LD with nice smallmouth bass from the North Branch  Susquehanna River.   LD is a full time professional guide, avid outdoorsman, local author of monthly fishing columns, and contrubutor on the TTA Forum.  To view more of LD’s “fishy-world” of trophy sport fishng go to his website.



 Twin Tiers Anglers was created to capture the untold stories through a vibrant smattering of media rich material distributed through raw and  tongue-in-cheek reports.  Our adventures will be shared through this portal in hopes that we can share some of the flesh of our travels, and insight to our urban and rural fishing craft.  The art of fishing is deeply rooted within our hearts and minds and this is the story  of our quest.  Perhaps we should call this alchemy, or voodoo but we all agree on one common bond….  it’s about the fishing!!  Oh YEAH!   Whether it’s spin fishing on the river, flyfishing for picky trout, jigging through the ice on the hard water,  or targeting top water slobs in a farm pond, we’ve got skills to do the job. We’re not elitests but we do enslave ourselves to the forensics of fishing and the fishy “mojo” to take a day on the water – and make it simply EPIC!  

 LEFT: A large pod of Steelhead spied at Trout Run on the DFP’s Annual “Legends of the Fall” Outing on Elk Creek, near Erie, PA.  One cannot fathom the beauty and power of these magnificent Steelhead until you experience the Lake Erie trubutaries and fish for these monsters!    

We did the stumbly dirtbag fandango over these running Steelhead for three days.  We ran the gauntlet of Elk Creek.  Survived the hordes of pesky anglers, greasy burgers, molten cups of hot coffee, full lippers of Skoal, and rugged tumblers full of smooth Bourbon… and y’know what?  We LOVED it!  



Broadcasting from high atop the HQ Bunker in Dogpatch USA, hello and welcome. We’re a small mob of anglers with a web site (be afraid, be very afraid),  who’ve stared at enough water and felt enough piscatorial vivacity in our mitts to maybe have some things to say about it. You might disagree, but here you are anyway. Did you bring beer? We’re from all over, and we’re pretty much staunch localists who are still stoked about the rivers, lakes and beaches we’re lucky enough to call our home waters, and wanted to get the words down before life goes and robs us of the alphabet. And we want to have a good time doing it. You should also expect stuff that’s only marginally fishing-related, maybe, if at all, because we’re prone to strange compulsions. We tend to poke a lot of fun, because we like to laugh, and we believe none of this should be taken all that seriously. You like to laugh, dontcha? Good answer. We hope it suits you. If not, well, you’re still here so hand over that beer, dammit. Like democracy, the price of awesome ain’t free.



WHAT THE HELL IS THE DFP & CIW??    It sounds like a damn cult!

Well… it’s what we call this “thing of ours.”   The DFP  & CIW are a collective of extreme fisherman in pursuit of knowledge, adventure, and the next screaming drag. We are here to document our piscatoral art form and share our visual mission with you!   

LEFT:  is a small cadre of the DFP ranks:   – JMFlyfisher (our Capo di tutti capi), Saveum, Dpiscator (Consigliere) , and TCarr (Capo Bagstone).  A motley buncha Dirtbaggers!  

So step inside, poke around….  feast yer steaming naked eyes and scribe us a few lines.  Don’t be scared to join in on the conversations within. 


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